Our services


- Web Design & Development and Search Engine Optimisation

Every web project needs a solid strategy to be successful. We help you to define your marketing objectives, examine your audiences’ goals and study your brand in order to design beautiful and functional websites - Read more


- Marketing strategy

Our guerrilla marketing strategy uses imaginative ideas to connect with your customers and make them marvelled. We generate results by using time, energy and imagination to sell your brand.


- The buzz marketing

Although buzz marketing is not new, Internet technology has changed the way it's used. Having attracted individual’s attention by a viral message, the idea is to get people talking about your product or event through their consumers, trendsetters...the viral message has to be entertaining, fascinating..

Facebook.com, myspace.com and youtube.com, social networking, blogs and SMS are used to create your audience and gets them excited and GETS THEM TALKING, texting and blogging about you and the fantastic thing you've just done.

We analyse all the details before starting the buzz marketing campaigns and use various research methods to ensure a successful campaign.